Beginning / Business Relations


Banda Neutónica is a unique product in its category. We have developed it from scratch with science in mind. The originally tested prototype demonstrated such statistically significant effect on relaxation that we decided to keep going in the same direction. Our business model has allowed us for a truly organic growth based on results only. This is why we are glad to share the business opportunity with the right people, having a world-wide market of people that can benefit from this wonderful product.


Sleep is complex. However, our user-experience oriented design allows for the science to work on its own. We developed the Banda Neutónica with neuroscientists and decades of data and research that was already there. By putting the right things together, we have a great recipe for helping people have a natural sleep. This is backed by 5,000+ satisfied customers, people with years of sleeping-pills addiction, pandemic-derived insomnia and a myriad of other conditions that have positive feedback on the workings of Banda Neutónica. However, science is half of the secret. We know how much people love to be cared for and, in turn, our product is backed up by Neutonica itself. We engage directly with our customers and help them think of a unique strategy for ending with their sleeping or relaxation problems with the Banda Neutónica as the central tool. This is the other half of science behind the product. 

It's important to realize that there is no other product in the sleeping bands category that matches our approach. This is supported in various areas, but the science of sleep is the same all around. However, we are focused on the natural patterns of sleep and the user experience. Therefore, anyone imitating our approach would have to walk a very long road to catch up. This is Banda Neutónica. 


We believe in healthy business. And we know that the business opportunities for the product we have are endless: home-use, relaxation centers, sleep clinics, Spas, luxury hotels, Human Resources efforts in personnel wellbeing for small and big enterprise and office settings, meditation, leisure installments... you name it and we'll make it work. Because we have the right product for any of these and we will work with you to develop a profitable business model with our product. 


We have worked with specialists in neuroscience for developing and validating the product. We are also working with two sleep clinics in Spain for bigger research and validation of the Banda Neutónica. We have demonstrated to doctors, nurses and health-related personnel the multiple applications of our product and we can work with you if it is sleep-related.


If you wish to know more about the technology or the physiology behind our product and think this is something you could find a way of using in your own business, we'd love to talk with you. 


The Banda Neutónica is just the tip of the iceberg. Our pipeline of sleep-related products is full of ideas that will join our existing product. We believe we have the best approach for helping people sleep and relax and we want to make this a world-wide reference. Next one is due for the end of 2021.



Eduardo de la Vega, MD

Chief Science Officer and Commercial Operations