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To know how to use, assemble, wash and load your band, we suggest you watch the videos on our YouTube channel. Click Here


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Instruction Manual

+ Click Here to download instructions for the Neutonic Band purchased before August 2021.

+ Click Here to download instructions for Neutonic Band purchased after August 2021.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Neutonic Band and when can I use it?

The Neutonic Band is a non-medical device that helps people who suffer from insomnia mainly related to stress and bad sleep habits to sleep more easily.

The design of the Neutonic Band, in addition to being very comfortable, it has 4 main elements: the mask of total darkness, audio tracks specifically designed to relax you, includes 4 speakers to offer a quadraphonic audio system, 4 tourmaline stones and 1 artificial wave transmitter.

Wherever you go and require a moment of peace, rest or help to fall asleep. However, do not forget that the pre-sleep state that the Neutonic Band helps you obtain can be useful before: a meeting, a business meeting, an exam. Also after events where your brain needs to relax. The times you can use it are limited by your imagination! From 4 years old to 99+, whoever wants to can learn to use it.

How to use?

How do Neutonic Band technology and alpha waves work?

Where is the Neutonic Band sold?

Is there any advice for the use of the Neutonic Band?

Are there any side effects on the body or interference with other electronic equipment when using the Neutonic Band?

Is there a warranty on the Neutonic Belt?

How long does the Neutonic Belt last as a product?

Is it possible that the eye pad could be uncomfortable?

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What are the components of the Neutonic Band?

Why doesn't it include a power adapter?

How many cycles or uses per night or per session can the Neutonic Band be used?

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How long does the Neutonic Band last as a product, including the battery?

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