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<transcy>The natural way to relax and sleep</transcy>

The technology of Banda Neutonica promotes the ideal relaxation of the brain to reach an ideal state for sleep and in a simple way.




<transcy>Unlike any other relaxation product</transcy>

<transcy>We are focused on your well-being: no apps, no connections, no exhaustive analysis to review. The next morning you determine how you're feeling.</transcy>

  • Total darkness mask

    Keeps light out and your eyes closed. Textile technology for maximum comfort.

  • <transcy>Six specifically designed audio tracks</transcy>

    Relaxing music composed by musicians and scientists to improve your sleep onset, plus one song to guide you through a breathing exercise.

  • <transcy>Tourmaline quartz crystal</transcy>

    Ideally placed around your head with the benefits of its natural properties.

  • <transcy>Magnetic field with alpha frequencies</transcy>

    Extreme Low Frequency (ELF), identical to the brain during relaxation and immediately before sleep. Technology-assisted sleep onset.

Easy to use!

<transcy>Relaxation to the Max</transcy>

In less than 20 minutes you will be relaxed and in the perfect state to achieve sleep or take a pause and continue with your day.


With an audio track specifically created to help you decrease your respiratory rate, lower the rhythms of all your functions and enter a meditative state.

<transcy>Better Health</transcy>

The essentials for an optimal health include: a human diet, restful sleep and an active lifestyle. Banda Neutónica has you covered.

<transcy>Safe Technology</transcy>

Banda Neutónica's magnetic technology is non-invasive, non-ionizing and safe for your body.

Audio Design for Professional Sleep

Banda Neutonica's audio tracks were created with the sole purpose of allowing the listener to relax.

Learn more about how they were created and how they can help you.

<transcy>What the experts say</transcy>

"Undoubtedly an excellent tool in the treatment of insomnia"

"Banda Neutónica complements an extremely important element in my area (Health): maintainimng optimal levels of energy and concentration. It also helps promote physical changes thanks to the rest and relaxation that you achieve when using it constantly. I totally recommend it."

"As a neurosurgeon, I treat cases of insomnia constantly. Understanding the processes that cause it is crucial. Participating in the development of the idea that dealt with the elements of the sleep problem and seeing the clinical result in so many people has been a breakthrough. Banda Neutónica hits the mark."

"As a tech-savvy biohacker, I measure the effectiveness of my lifestyle habits, and was amazed to see that my sleep sensor (Oura ring) detects when I use Banda Neutónica. There have been nights when I wake up with insomnia and,by putting on the Band, I quickly go into deep sleep, helping my body induce a better quality of sleep.
I am most happy to have this wonderful scientific-technology development to help many of my clients who suffer from this problem. I must also say that my admiration for Franco is immense."


The Neutonic Band has been recognized by different national and international media.


In 2016 Franco Canseco started with the idea and created the Banda Neutónica ...